Cognitive Psychology

How Our Brains Help Us Use Our Phones Better

Apr 3, 2023

Cognitive Psychology

When we use our phones or tablets, certain designs make it easier for us to understand and use the apps on them. The people who create these designs think about how our brains work, so they can make it easy and fun for us to use our devices. Let's talk about some of the things they think about when they make these designs.

  1. Knowing What to Expect

    When we use an app or a website, we have an idea of how it should work. The people who make these designs try to create something that matches what we expect, so we can quickly learn how to use it.

  2. Making Important Things Stand Out

    Designers make the important parts of an app or website easy to see by making them bigger, brighter, or different from the other parts. This helps us know what to do and where to look first.

  3. Not Overloading Our Brains

    Our brains can only handle so much information at once. Designers try to make things simple and break up information into smaller parts, so it's easier for us to understand.

  4. Helping Us Remember

    It's easier for us to recognize something we've seen before than to remember it without any help. Designers use familiar pictures and words in the app, so it's easier for us to know what to do.

  5. Letting Us Know How We're Doing

    When we use an app, it's important to know if we're doing something right or wrong. Designers give us clues like colors, sounds, or vibrations to let us know if we've done something correctly or if we need to try again.

  6. Making Things Personal

    We all like different things, so designers let us change the way an app looks or works to fit our own style and needs. This makes using the app more fun and comfortable for us.

  7. Thinking About Our Feelings

    The way an app looks and feels can make us happy, excited, or calm. Designers try to choose colors, pictures, and fonts that make us feel good while using the app.

Designers think about how our brains work when they create the way our phones and apps look and work. They use these ideas to make it easy and enjoyable for us to use our devices, so we can have a great time while playing games, learning new things, or chatting with friends.